First of all thanks for dropping by and taking the time to look at my site.

A Bit About Me

I am Senior Software Developer at a successful E-learning company based in the UK. I find myself working on several projects and in as many computer languages each day. The main staple of my development takes place around Moodle and Word Press so require primarily PHP and Javascript coding. Other projects that I develop require VB6 or Delphi (sometimes both) to build the solution. Along with building GUI driven applications and writing shell scripts for the company’s Linux production servers, I am never left without a challenge.

In my spare time I add VB.NET and Java to  my kit for solving my own thought experiments or writing helpful tools for friends and family.

I am always looking to learn something new, from more efficient coding to a new language. If I don’t know the answer then I relish the hunt for the solution. That said I find the sharing of information with colleagues just as rewarding, these conversations can lead to previously unimagined ideas or gaining a new skill.

About This Site

As previously mentioned I work with a lot of different tools on a great deal of projects and more often than not I bang up against a problem that googling and chatting to developers doesn’t result in a solution. On these occasions I will spend my time (paid and unpaid) to developing the solution. This site will be where I put my findings and musings on the problems for all to see and hopefully save somebody the headache if they are faced with the same riddle at a later date just as developers have done for me in the past with their blogs.

At a later date I hope to also showcase some of my personal projects that I have written out of curiosity and necessity in the different languages I use and some of the frameworks utilised.

One last thing

Please comment, I am highly receptive to people’s comments and suggestions on any aspects of this site or my postings. I only ask one thing that you keep comments positive and constructive. This doesn’t mean praise is the only acceptable comment though it is welcome, but rude and unjustified posts are not helpful to anybody so are highly likely to be removed.

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