New things for the New Year

Happy New Year!

As is fitting for the start of the new year I’ve spruced the site with a new theme and added mozilla Persona authentication.

The theme is my first foray into child theming, I took the Simplex theme and added my own twist with the help of CSS3. I chose to use the Simplex theme as a starting point as it well structured responsive theme that scales well on mobiles and smaller screens. Another consideration was the simplicity of the page structure which would make the process of modifying the theme a lot easier.

Mozilla Persona has been added to the site and is available through the login page. If you haven’t heard of Persona’s before I recommend reading the official site but in short it is a privacy focused method for signing into multiple sites with just your email address. I first became interested in Mozilla Persona’s whilst looking at Open Badges which is another Mozilla project. As the year progresses I am hoping to add more information about Open Badges and Persona’ss

The site is up (finally)

The maintenance page is down, Morti(the robot) can now shutdown, and I no longer have any excuses not to blog about the quirks I find.

The registration forms are now open; please signup and leave your comments,suggestions,or advice on the blogs.

I am hoping to keep the updates and blogs rolling to this site, so be sure to check back regularly.